Why Go Birding Colombia


  1. Go birding Colombia is a 100% Colombian company committed to social and economic development in our country, based on conservation and a conscious use of natural resources.
  2. We support the growth and organization of local communities, guides, nature reserves, hotels and lodges, restaurants and all members of the national tourism cluster.
  3. We are focus on generating mainly positive environmental impacts during each tour we develop, following the principles enshrined in the “Guide to Good Birdwatching Tourism Practices in Colombia”. http://www.mincit.gov.co/CMSPages/GetFile.aspx?guid=6fbeacf3-355c-4206-94cf-b968d5218f35



The excellence in customer care and attention to every single detail, even the smallest ones, are key factors that makes Go Birding Colombia your top bird watching and wildlife company in Colombia.

When you travel with us you count on:

  1. An outstanding team of biologists and qualified legal guides, willing to achieve the objectives of every tour you choose.
  2. Heath Friendly Tours ©HFT. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of Colombian geography, all of our itineraries have been carefully designed to be friendly to human health, taking into account specially the physical changes we can experience when we travel to and from the high mountain ecosystems. 
  3. Impeccable logistic services, roomy and comfortable vehicles, domestic airlines, excellent nutrition, quality lodging and medical and accident insurance.


  1. When you travel with Go Birding Colombia, an important part of your contribution is destined to support biological research of undergraduate, master’s students and our own research initiatives, in favor of biodiversity conservation and its sustainable use in Colombia.
  2. All the observations collected during our tours are important data that will be analyzed in the medium and long term to monitor bird populations along the time, therefore all our customers become fundamental part and active members of this conservation projects.
  3. The images achieved during our photographic tours are used to raise awareness about the importance of conservation to live in harmony with nature and inspire more people to admire and protect the only planet we have.